Sportski centar Franko Mileta
Mala dvorana
Srednja škola Mate Blažine
Gradska knjižnica
KuC Lamparna
Workshops day September, 22rd
Speakers day September, 23th

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Masterclasses - City Library
Masterclass - M.B. High School
Flow Ninja - Classroom 25
Workshops - M.B. High School
Human - Classroom 26
Resonate - Classroom 27
Workshop - M.B. High School
Supercharge Design - Dining Hall
Workshop - Fitness Hall
Chillout Zone & Lunch
Outdoor space - Small Hall
Friday Afterparty
Caffe Bar Gamp
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Labin - A place where tech and tradition tango

Attending the conference allows you to be surrounded by the unique charm and beauty of Labin, enhancing your experience in ways that go beyond a typical event.

Labin photo

Chronicles of Labin

In the labyrinth of Istria, just a heartbeat from the sea rises the medieval town known as Labin. A mixture of culture and history, it’s a city that wears its past like a badge of honor. There's the old town, perched high at 320 m, an eyeful of picturesque perfection. The new town sprawls below, architecture spun from centuries of mining mastery. Mining's melody in Labin dates back to Venice's days. They hit coal gold, but not the sparkly kind – the coal black kind, pegola nera, used to swathe ships in mystery.

Labin’s Effortless Elegance

Labin isn't art for art's sake; it's a canvas inviting you to paint your adventure. Its streets are a winding narrative. From culinary artistry to historical poetry, this is Labin's crescendo. No matter if you're a tech geek or a history hound, Labin's a playground for your curiosity. A splash of culture, a dash of tech – that's Labin’s recipe for awesome.

Labin photo
Labin photo

Gastronomic Overture

Labin is most famous for the traditional Labinski krafi, a sort of ravioli masterpiece that dances between sweet and savory. It’s grandma's recipe, sprinkled with tradition. And let's talk truffles, and traditional olive oil, because Labin doesn't just serve food; it conducts a gourmet symphony.

Dubrova’s Artful Whispers

Sculpture meets nature in Dubrova Park. It's Labin's open-air art gallery, where the greenery embraces masterpieces. More than art, it’s an ode to nature, a serene slice of Labin's creative soul. Walk, linger, and let the sculptures tell their stories.

Labin photo

Photo by: Mateo Gobo

Labin photo

Rabac’s Beachy Charm

Situated by the stunning Istrian coast, Rabac is a dream etched in turquoise and pebbles. It's the "Pearl of Kvarner Bay," where emerald waves whisper secrets and beaches that charmes the curious. Rabac is nature’s poetry, and you're invited.


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