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Uniting all digital perspectives this year - third track, why?


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Published by: Digital Labin

Author: Lelys Hrvatin Jugovac

We've always believed that the best digital products are born from the collaboration of diverse minds and good synergy between departments. As you already know, this year, we decided to introduce a new track specifically curated for project managers, account managers, and business developers. This track is designed to fuel collaboration, drive success, and ensure that every member of your team can contribute their unique expertise.

Unleashing the networking potential

At the heart of our conference, we always put emphasis on the incredible power of networking (remember how we never wanted to go online during rough times). And turns out, the networking experience at Digital Labin is what people value the most. Along with all the talks and workshops, It’s the shared drinks, laughs and hugs caught on camera & random encounters in the meeting room that give our conference the pink soul that everybody gets hooked on. 

It was a developers & designers’ place to be.

Fast forward to 2023 and our new mantra has changed. It’s the uniting of all digital perspectives. Our goal is to create an inclusive space where networking, knowledge sharing, and team-building thrive, allowing you to bring your whole team along for an unparalleled experience. We realized everyone wants to have their project and account managers and business developers to have fun and bond with developers and designers. And to be honest, it wouldn't be fair to deprive them of this unforgettable Istrian experience at the end of summer.

It is now a developers, designers, project and account managers, and business developers’ place to be. 

The new track: Fueling collaboration, driving success

Within this innovative track, we've carefully selected talks that address the critical topics faced by project managers, account managers, and business developers. From cultivating effective organizational structures to mastering product discovery and nurturing sustainable performance, our speakers will share practical insights and strategies to empower your team to thrive. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to explore the untapped potential of scaling business development efforts and harnessing the power of generative A.I. to drive innovation and gain a competitive edge.

Join us as we celebrate collaboration, networking, and team-building at our upcoming conference. With the introduction of our third track, we're excited to empower your team with the knowledge, insights, and connections needed to succeed in the digital product creation landscape.

P.S. We're thrilled to create new memories with all of you this year.